Anaphylaxis Reactions

Treatment & Management of Life-Threatening Allergies

If you have ever suffered an attack of anaphylaxis, you know the experience can be frightening and life-threatening. Knowing what caused your anaphylaxis is the first step in preventing another episode. In many cases, patients already know what caused their attack. Whether you can identify what caused the reaction or not, Montana Allergy and Asthma Specialists can assist you.

Prevent Future Attacks

For individuals who know their allergies, we can counsel and prepare you with a plan of action for avoiding contact with your allergy, and provide an epinephrine injection (known as an EpiPen) to have on hand in case an attack occurs. If you do not know which contaminant caused your allergic reaction, our job as your allergen therapist is to provide you with fast access to your allergy panel results so that you can leave our office knowing what the allergy is, and how to prevent another attack.

Recognizing the following warning signs of an allergic reaction can help prevent your condition from worsening into anaphylactic shock:

  • Be aware of strange rashes, hives, or other itchy breakouts.
  • Look for difficulty breathing, swallowing difficulties, and sudden changes in your voice.
  • Take note of any areas of your body that seem to be suddenly swelling.

Visit your doctor or emergency care if you feel your life may be threatened by your allergic reaction. Prevent future occurrences and make sure you and your loved ones are prepared by scheduling an appointment with our allergy specialists today. Call our office at (406) 237-5500.