Do You Have A Skin Allergy?

Diagnosing and Treating Your Skin Ailments

At Montana Allergy and Asthma Specialists¸ we specialize in diagnosing and treating both childhood and adult skin ailments caused by allergic reactions. In some cases, the condition is recurrent, such as with eczema. The causes of eczema are sometimes not known, but with thorough testing we can help diagnose the cause and provide you with treatment options.

In other skin allergy cases, the symptoms are sudden and strange. Contact dermatitis and hives are common symptoms of a skin allergy that may only occur when you come in contact with the allergen. Regardless of your skin ailment, we can help you form a plan that finally provides you with relief.

Managing your Skin Allergy

Avoiding the item that triggered your hives is an obvious option for those suffering from occasional skin irritations. However, if you have chronic eczema, the treatment may not be so simple. Our job as your allergy specialists is to discover the cause that is fueling your eczema and to help control your symptoms if you are exposed to the irritant.

Your options with eczema are varied, depending on how drastic the condition:

  • Topical lotions provide relief from dryness and mild itchiness.
  • Prescription applications can help the worst breakouts.
  • Softer fabrics help reduce surface irritation.

For more information about treating your skin allergy reaction, call our office at (406) 237-5500.