Outdoor Allergies

Combating Seasonal Allergies in Billings

You don’t have to resign yourself to your seasonal allergies. At Montana Allergy and Asthma Specialists, we design treatment and prevention programs that can improve your quality of life and reduce the impact your allergies have on your daily life. Symptoms of seasonal allergies can often be confused with a cold, so our patients sometimes come to our clinic without knowing that it’s allergies from which they suffer. Sometimes these symptoms are year round, and sometimes these symptoms only occur with the changing of the seasons.

Allergy symptoms include:

  • Stuffy noses
  • Runny and itchy eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Recurrent cough
  • Irritation and itchiness in the nose, throat, or ears

Understand the Cause and Potential Solutions

Certain individuals can be more sensitive than others to the buildup of pollen and pollutants in the air. Pollen irritates the airways, causing your body to react as if fighting off an invader. As your allergy specialists, we are able to evaluate your body’s reaction to common airborne irritants and provide you with a plan to get relief. There are a number of solutions available that involve minimizing exposure, controlling the symptoms, or even decreasing sensitivities to your allergies, such as allergy shots.

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